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About Learning & Development Foundation

Learning & Development Foundation is rooted in a commitment to positive social change through providing lifelong learning opportunities for ALL.


We are of the opinion that lifelong education is the most important factor in not only achieving one's personal goals, but also without which there can be no social change.


Through the Learning & Development Foundation, which is a knowledge sharing and learning organization, we work toward our goal of bettering the lives of individuals in this ever-evolving and increasingly complicated global environment.

For the past eight years we have taken many initiatives such as in Education, Cultural, Creative and Business sectors to build a learning community where knowledge could be applied to bring about a positive social change as well as solve key societal challenges. 


The degree to which we are able to make a constructive contribution to the world is an essential component in determining how well our company is doing.  We have taken many initiatives to prove that this is not just something we talk about — it’s who we are.


Some of the work that we have done that is particularly noteworthy is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030, both of which encourage lifelong learning as crucial to the achievement of sustainable development and quality education, as well as the development of skills necessary for employment, entrepreneurial endeavors, and financial success for ALL.

Our Vision

To be at the forefront in contributing towards positive social impact. 

Our Mission

Learning & Development Foundation is founded on a mission to constructive social change by offering chances for lifelong learning for everyone through meaningful initiatives. 

Our Purpose

To inspire individuals to become lifelong learners who contribute positively to a brighter future.

Our Initiatives

Some of our most notable work is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030, which promote lifelong learning as crucial to the achievement of sustainable development.

We Proudly Support 

UN SDGs 4, 5, 8, 10, 11 & 17

Today, young people who represent the world’s most dynamic human resources are  almost three times more likely to be unemployed than adults.  The reason is that the youth does not possess the career specific employability skills that the job market and the 21st century workplace needs.


Our learning materials are aimed at filling the knowledge and skills gap of the readers to equip them with the tools to succeed.   These educational materials support  SDGs 4 (that  ensure life long learning opportunities for all) 5 (empower all women and girls) 8 (employment and work opportunities for all) 10 (reduce inequalities) 11 (career and business opportunities for all).


The readership and viewership of our learning materials is mainly youth, women, SMEs, and Islanders around the world. Our reach is via Educational Institutions, NGOs working with youth and women, Government Agencies, Government Departments, UN International Agencies, Consulates, the Chamber of Commerce.  


We help our partners reach stakeholders across the world. If you are interested to advertise on our Bitesize E-Learning or Skillz For The Future Blog/Videos/Podcast and reach your target customers CONTACT US!

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