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Learning & Development Foundation Initiatives

Some of our most notable work is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030, which promote lifelong learning as crucial to the achievement of sustainable development and quality education, as well as the development of skills required for employment, entrepreneurial endeavors, and financial success for ALL.

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We are one of the first in Hong Kong who trained  qualified teachers from South Asian origin and placed them in schools.  It was a herculean feat.   The attitude of the hiring schools from primary to tertiary, was quite negative due to the pervasive native speakerism ideology within English Language Teaching. 


We have been actively involved in UNESCO's Entrepreneurship Education Network served by the Secretariat based in the Asia-Pacific Programme of Educational Innovation for Development (APEID) unit in UNESCO Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for Education, Bangkok, Thailand. 

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India Connect is an umbrella organisation operating in Hong Kong for the last 20 years. It works as a bridge between North East Asia (South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong & Macau) and India.


Global Brahman Council's purpose is to foster and preserve Santa Dharm's key beliefs shared by all Hindus and to promote the true meaning of the quote from Maha Upanishad, 

'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam' which means - the world is one family.


 Led by Dr. Sanjay Nagarkar, a distinguished microbiologist, our initiative is dedicated to pioneering research and conservation efforts to promote the sustainable use of micro algae as a solution to reduce carbon emissions.

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The global skills gap is a big problem.  Institutional education doesn't provide all the skills that individuals need to thrive in the workplace.  There is a pressing need for soft skills development globally. 

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One of our most notable initiatives, the "Academia-Community Bridging" program, addresses a critical gap in communication between academia and the wider community. Recognising the disconnect between academic research and its relevance to broader audiences, we launched this initiative to bridge the divide.

Communicare is a platform for Healthcare Communication that was created in response to the rise in violence against doctors in India. As a result of patients and their families' complaints that doctors do not communicate, mistrust of doctors increased. 

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